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2002 Companies to join the Guangdong Food Association and the Dongguan food association;
2003 The first batch of national food QS (food safety) production license;
2004 Dongguan City Food Bureau was named "Dongguan city grain management backbone enterprises"
2005 Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as a private scientific and technological enterprise"
2006 "Guangzhou Jiafeng" brand series of products won the "Guangdong Province famous brand product" title
2007 ISO9001 international quality management system certification
2007 December was the Dongguan municipal government identified as the key leading enterprises in Dongguan city"
2008 Is the provincial government identified as key enterprises in Guangdong Province
2010 The company is one of the primary trademark "golden Dove" was named the Guangdong Province famous trademark
2010 Company was rated as one of the top 50 private industry in Dongguan City
2010 China Food Industry Association, the company was named "National Trust and oil into the rural community demonstration projects and demonstration projects"
2010 By the Guangdong Provincial Military Logistics Department identified as "emergency mobilization of enterprise supplies"
2011 June was the Chinese Agricultural Development Bank for gold customers, AAA grade credit enterprise
2011 By the national Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce and other United Nations: "national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises"
2011 Guangdong Province, the food industry association, is also the food industry association of province".
2012 Guangdong province by the food industry association as the "leading enterprise in the food industry in Guangdong province".