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Dongguan City, Feng Feng Food Co., Ltd. is a collection of food acquisition, storage, flour processing, production of noodles, terminal logistics operation as one of the large-scale food enterprises. Ltd. was established in August 2000, is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta hinterland -- Dongguan Machong Xinsha port side, East on Xinsha Port State Grain Reserve and Xinsha port railway special line, west near the Guangzhou Huangpu port, South Atlantic Guangzhou Xinsha port, north of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Guangzhou Shenzhen high-speed, 107 State Road, Xinsha port railway line and criss cross the Pearl River water system, constitute the company's extensive traffic advantage and geographical advantages.
Company production equipment advanced, with a plurality of PLC central control automatic flour production line and advanced special flour distributing system, all use of Switzerland Buhler special milling equipment, wheat processing capacity of 3000 tons, annual handling capacity of up to 90 million tons, the production capacity of the largest flour processing enterprise of students in Guangdong Province.
The company has strong technical strength, has a group of professional counterparts in the professional and technical personnel, the company has the capacity of 20 million tons of grain silo, and built a 2000 tons and 5000 ton grain wharf of a, the raw materials can be from the major grain producing areas of the sea directly to the terminal, and then by sea or by land rapid transit to the Pearl River Delta region, the products can be by water, land sold across the province.