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This year's corn temporary storage price adjustment of grain purchasing and storage policy be imperative

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The current domestic and international grain prices upside down lead to import large quantities of food, the high cost of domestic production, relying solely on improving prop acquisition price protect farmers' production enthusiasm of space is getting smaller and smaller
Straighten out the relationship between the price and the market has become a consensus, but the steps to adjust to actively and steadily, does not affect the farmers enthusiasm for growing grain, also need to be to improve the policy agricultural insurance
Recently, the country gradually began the acquisition of autumn. In previous years, the new grain mass concentrated market will appear stage food prices of ups and downs, but this year because corn temporary storage prices down, let the usual food price volatility is particularly complex. So, what is the current grain purchase price? "Economic Daily" reporter in depth the main producing areas of the main research.
Jilin elm city is an important maize producing area in China. In the Wukesong town of Yushu city of a corn acquisition station, come to sell corn farmers Lv Dongwei told reporters, his home of this year 20 acres of corn, per mu yield of about 2000 pounds, corn prices fell resulted in a decrease of nearly 30% in the growing earnings this year. However, the law of "price Tung Wei said, corn is normal. In a few days, state-owned grain to open library collection grain, storage conditions are good, the farmers are not in a hurry to sell food, hope again, and so on, look at the price to sell. "
This year, the purchase of the minimum purchase price policy, the rice and wheat prices played a stabilizing role. In a number of high quality wheat and rice producing areas, wheat, rice prices are much higher than the minimum purchase price. This year's summer grain purchase during reporter has learned in Henan interview, some parts of Henan wheat because of quality problems difficult to sell, and some good quality wheat producing areas of wheat prices once reached 1.4 yuan per catty. Heilongjiang Wuchang City is producing high quality rice area of China, currently Wuchang City acquired the general quality rice price more than 2 yuan per catty.