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The stable quality of wheat seed in Henan

Publisher: Time:2015/11/18 13:49:09 Views:
Since the autumn sowing of wheat this year, Henan Province, the agricultural sector at all levels conscientiously implement the national winter for video conference, scientific planning, early deployment, strengthening measures, pay close attention to the key technology to implement to ensure which kind of good wheat. At present, the province of wheat seed basic end, the rate of 90%, has been the emergence of the plots of the whole, seedlings, Miao Yun.
One is to strengthen policy advocacy, the stability of wheat sown area. The key period of October 10, coincided with the wheat seeding, countries in the timely publication of the wheat minimum purchase price policy, to farmers to eat a "reassurance", effectively protect the farmers enthusiasm for growing grain. Provincial Department of agriculture organization set up 16 expert steering group, in-depth production line, strong agricultural Huinong policy of kulak propaganda, to guide farmers to do should be as kind. Is the wheat sowing area will be maintained at more than 81000000 acres, and lay the foundation for next year's summer grain harvest.
Two is the suitable sowing period overall moisture, more concentrated. This year the summer precipitation distribution is more balanced, more than September average rainfall 30mm, adequate soil moisture. Wheat sowing period, suitable moisture in most areas, for wheat planting. The part of the table land made insufficient moisture moisture in planting or sowing after pouring seeding, ensure adequate moisture for seeding wheat. October 24-26, the province has a wide range of precipitation, the average rainfall 17.6mm, effectively added to the soil moisture, the wheat seedling growth is very favorable. The peak concentration of wheat sowing in the province in October 10-18, an average of about 6700000 acres of land per day, planting progress over the last year about 3 days.
Three is the key technology in place, improve the quality of sowing. Provincial Department of agriculture as soon as possible to develop issued wheat sowing technical advice, guidance throughout the do a good job plowing soil preparation, scientific selection, rational fertilization, to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and pests, and comprehensively improve the wheat sowing quality. The maize straw area of 45000000 acres, 34770000 acres of deep plowing, subsoiling 14310000 acres. Wheat sowing dominant species, 22, 58, 7698,, 75%, and so on, 13 dominant varieties of wheat planting area of the province, more reasonable. Measuring soil testing and fertilizer area 3600 acres, more than 7400 million mu of seed coating and fungicides soil treatment area more than 2500 acres, more than last year increased.
The next step, the agricultural sector will pay close attention to the moisture, growth of the seedlings, guide farmers due to moisture because seedlings do before winter management to ensure seedling overwinter safely. One is to check the seedlings to replant. To sprout deficiency plots, timely replanting, ensure all seedlings, seedling evenly, Miao Qi. Two is the science of disaster prevention and reduction. The drought outcrop plots and timely watering, in case of rain seasonable intertill; Wang Long Trend of crop, good suppression control Wang; encounter severe strong cool weather, watering in good time before the onset of the cold wave to prevent frost damage to. Three is to strengthen the management of winter. On soil fertility is poor, lack of base fertilizer, lack of fertilizer symptoms of weak seedling, in before winter tillering stage with watering dressing and seasonable intertill loosen the soil, improving seedling transformation and upgrading. Four is to do a good job in pest control. Use of the most favorable time of chemical weeding in the winter wheat field, in the appropriate circumstances, to carry out chemical weeding.