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Full-time administrative personnel

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Working years: not limited to education requirements: Unlimited
Salary: Negotiable age: no limit
Language requirements: no sex requirement: Unlimited
Recruitment: 3-5 name
Job description:
Personnel post responsibilities:
1, to assist the superior to establish and improve the company's recruitment, training, salary, welfare, performance evaluation and other human resources system construction;
2, establish and maintain the personnel file, handle and renew the labor contract;
3, the implementation of human resources management practices of the operation process, with other business departments to work;
4, the collection of relevant labor and employment and other personnel policies and regulations;
5, the implementation of the recruitment process, coordination, for staff recruitment, induction, resignation, transfer, promotion and other procedures;
6, cooperate with the new staff training, business training, implementation of training plan, contact the organization of external training and training effect of tracking, feedback;
7, for the corresponding social insurance work;
8, to help build employee relations, coordinate the relationship between the staff and management, organization staff activities;
9, the treatment of work-related injuries.


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