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  • Target price subsidies trend
    2015 northeast corn temporary storage policy announced on September 18, as expected, temporary Shouchu prices compared with last year have dropped. In 2014, the temporary storage of corn price in Heilongjiang for the 2220 yuan / ton, Jilin 2240 yuan / ton, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia for 2260 yuan / ton, this unified adjustment for 2000 yuan / ton, the maximum decrease of 11.5%.
  • The stable quality of wheat seed in Henan
    Since the autumn sowing of wheat this year, Henan Province, the agricultural sector at all levels conscientiously implement the national winter for video conference, scientific planning, early deployment, strengthening measures, pay close attention to the key technology to implement to ensure which kind of good wheat. At present, the province of wheat seed basic end, the rate of 90%, has been the emergence of the plots of the whole, seedlings, Miao Yun.
  • November 17, 2015 -18 national policy of the sale of food trade will be announced
  • This year's corn temporary storage price adjustment of grain purchasing and storage policy be imperative
    The current domestic and international grain prices upside down lead to import large quantities of food, the high cost of domestic production, relying solely on improving prop acquisition price protect farmers' production enthusiasm of space is getting smaller and smaller
    Straighten out the relationship between the price and the market has become a consensus, but the steps to adjust to actively and steadily, does not affect the farmers enthusiasm for growing grain, also need to be to improve the policy agricultural insurance

  • Domestic wheat prices slow recovery of the decline in the storage of Wheat
    Subject to circulation market starving reduction and national Pro store wheat prices lead to effective supply capacity decline, domestic wheat prices show an overall upward trend, but subject to demand weak the slow recovery. As of early November, Jiangsu area three and other wheat purchase price of 2304 yuan / ton, the average price of 2380 yuan / ton, Anhui area three and other hybrid wheat purchase price of 2118.4 yuan / ton, the average price of 2165 yuan / ton.
  • This year's summer grain purchase smoothly
    Reporters on the 9th from the National Food Authority was informed that this year China's summer grain purchase smoothly, as of September 30, Hebei and other 11 main producing areas of cumulative acquisition of wheat 132.6 billion pounds, Jiangxi and other eight main producing areas of cumulative acquisition of early indica rice 159 billion pounds.
  • The acquisition of autumn launched
    "This year's summer grain output reached 282100000000 tons, a record high, an increase of 8900000000 pounds. At the same time, the main grain producing areas acquisition is progressing smoothly, an end to the season of summer grain purchase; as the annual commissariat buys the highlight of the acquisition of autumn also in the country started one after another. " This is the latest progress of the China Business Times reporter learned from the State Administration of grain in 2015 summer and autumn acquisitions.